Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians

The Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians welcomes doctors from throughout the Southwest region of the United States to come together to encourage and support each other, share goals and ideas, and celebrate Nigerian culture.

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Mission and Goals

The Mission ofthe Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians is to promote:

  • Care
  • Community
  • Scholarship

We work to unite Nigerian physicians of all backgrounds to celebrate the education physicians undertake to achieve their goals, commemorate Nigerian culture, and provide a safe, inviting environment for Nigerian physicians to create a social connection with one another.

Our Second Annual Gala was a Success!

Thank you for all those that attended and supported the event.

Wole Soyinka's Speech Watch the Recap

How Associations Help the General Public

When physicians join associations like SANP, they combine the mind power of multiple intellectuals, they continue fostering their education through various workshops and certifications, and they become more trustworthy. If you’re looking for a physician, say a general medicine doctor or cardiologist, finding one who is a part of an association like SANP means they have a good head on their shoulders.

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We’re dedicated to giving back to every member of our communities. Our association relies on donations in order to do our part and help our patients be successful. We appreciate any donation you can make.