The field of psychiatry focuses on emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders that can be just as dilapidating as physical issues. Depression, OCD, and even substance abuse are all issues that a psychiatrist can help with. The study of psychiatry is important because mental health is just as important as physical health. When you have a trustworthy psychiatrist by your side, you can better manage and overcome mental issues. Our network of Nigerian psychiatrists can help you live your best life.

Pediatric Psychiatry

As you may know, children and teens are highly susceptible to mental and behavioral issues, including depression, high levels of stress, and PTSD after a traumatic event. Psychiatrists can even help after a divorce or other form of marital problems to ensure your child is dealing with the stress efficiently. Seeing a psychiatrist not only gives your child an extra adult in their life to talk to, but it can also help you gain the tools needed to aid your child during this battle.

Pediatric or adolescent psychiatry evaluates the factors that contribute to a child’s disorder by analyzing their home life, history, and the environment around them. Mental disorders can have a huge impact on a child and their family and friends. Because of this joint nature, it’s important that your child gets the help they need to feel better.


How Can a Psychiatrist Help You?

A psychiatrist can help in a number of ways including:

  • Creating a treatment plan to help you or your child
  • Prescribing medication, if needed/wanted
  • Discussing and implement lifestyle changes to aid in recovery
  • Discussing the risks and benefits of using certain treatments

Psychiatrists are all medical doctors, which differentiates them from a counselor or psychologist. This means they can provide you with accurate, helpful information and can actually prescribe medication. If you or a loved one struggles with a mental or emotional disorder, a psychiatrist can help.

The Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians

The Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians is dedicated to uniting Nigerian physicians throughout the Southwest. We have resources and a wide network available for Nigerian psychiatrists looking to join an organization that supports both their professional ambitions and Nigerian culture. When you join the association, you gain access to a variety of resources, meet other professionals with the same cultural views as you, and can attend yearly and quarterly social gatherings.

The association is dedicated to preserving Nigerian culture for physicians no matter where they practice. Many people leave Nigeria to practice in other parts of the world and it’s important that we maintain our cultural values no matter where we go. The association is here to help with just that. If you’re interested in joining, contact us today!

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