Doctors who specialize in pediatrics, or pediatricians, are trained and equipped to help with all things related to children. Most people see a pediatrician until they are 18, though some doctors see patients until they’re 21, and their pediatrician helps them with everything from yearly checkups and routine vaccines to recovering from colds and broken bones. The Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians unites Nigerian pediatricians with other Nigerian physicians throughout the Southwest to create a wholesome community.

Joining the Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians

If you’re a pediatrician who would like to join the association, we welcome you. As a part of our association, you will join a community of other Nigerian physicians who share the same values, ambitions, and cultural beliefs as you. You will also be welcome to join in on our quarterly and yearly gatherings, to participate in teachings and symposiums, and you will have access to resources that will help to keep you grounded in a place so far away from home.


Why See a Pediatrician from the Association?

If you’re a parent searching for a pediatrician for your child, you can trust that pediatricians who are a part of our association are hardworking, reliable, and are constantly finding new ways to give back to their communities. They’re dedicated to helping children of all backgrounds to live healthier, happier lives.

Why is Having a Pediatrician Important?

From the time your child is an infant till they’re in their late teens, you’ll want to have a consistent and reliable pediatrician to help your child stay healthy. Having a pediatrician is important because children are often susceptible to illnesses, mental and emotional issues, and minor injuries, such as broken bones. Pediatricians can provide guidance, care, and treatment while also helping with routine vaccines, yearly checkups, and back to school physicals.

Pediatric vs. Adult Medicine: How is it Different?

The biggest thing that separates pediatric medicine from adult medicine is the difference in physiology. The physiological makeup of infants is significantly different than that of an adult and the same goes for the difference between an adolescent’s and an adult’s. While doctors who specialize in adult medicine can indeed be helpful, pediatricians specifically know what to look for in a child and how symptoms of particular injuries and illnesses will manifest themselves differently in an infant or adolescent body compared to an adult’s.


Join the Association

Pediatricians play a significant role in the community and in the lives of every family. If you’re a Nigerian pediatrician looking to expand your impact on the community or a parent looking for a pediatrician for your child, look no further than the Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians. Our site can help you with signing up or finding the right doctor for you! 
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We’re dedicated to giving back to every member of our communities. Our association relies on donations in order to do our part and help our patients be successful. We appreciate any donation you can make.