The Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians welcomes Nigerian physicians from all disciplines to join our association, including neurologists.

The nervous system is a crucial part of the body and neurologists serve an important role in the community. Members of the Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians go the extra mile in serving the community through leadership, education, and a strong social connection.

The Benefits of Joining

We provide all of our members with many benefits, including the option to join us for regular social gatherings, to educate the community via symposiums, and to mentor young children on their paths to becoming leaders in their community. One of the biggest benefits of joining is being able to celebrate Nigerian culture with other physicians who know what it is like to leave their homeland to embark on their journey to new places. We understand that no matter how far we may stray away from our home country, our culture is still very much important and a part of what makes us whole. We celebrate this while also engaging with a community of Nigerians who share similar goals and ambitions.

The neurologists who join the Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians are trustworthy, hardworking individuals who are dedicated to helping you. If you’re in need of a neurologist, the physicians a part of the association can help you.


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What is Neurology?

Neurology is the study of the nervous system and all of the disorders, injuries, and diseases associated with it. Neurologists can help you with issues like chronic headaches and migraines, sleep disorders, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease, just to name a few. Essentially, neurology is the study of how your mind operates, which is why there is often an overlap between neurology and psychiatry. Typically, when you seek help from a neurologist, you’ll have to undergo a physical examination.

The Neurological Exam

During this examination, your neurologist will analyze various bodily functions, ask you about chronic symptoms, and will inquire about your family’s health history to see if you may have a disorder that is able to be passed down through your genes.

These exams will analyze your coordination, vision and hearing, and your reflexes, among many other functions. This will help them to determine where the problem is taking place, helping them to better recommend the right treatment.


The Importance of Having a Good Neurologist

The exams and treatment you receive from a neurologist can help solve serious neurological problems. They are also very personal and require the skills and knowledge that only a seriously trained neurologist would have. That is why we recommend that you find yours through the Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians.

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