Important Questions to Ask Your Child’s Pediatrician


As parents, it’s important we take our children to visit their pediatrician regularly and for all of their scheduled appointments. Whether you’re making an appointment because your child is sick or because they’re due for their yearly physical and checkup, a doctor who specializes in pediatrics will be able to help you determine if your child is on the right track to a healthy future. This list of important questions to ask your child’s pediatrician can help to ensure a) your child is healthy, b) eliminate any concerns you may have, and c) build up an important relationship with your child’s pediatrician.

Question #1: Is My Child At The Necessary Length and Weight?

As your child grows, it’s important that they are meeting certain marks in terms of length and weight. If your child isn’t, they could have some sort of condition that is preventing them from doing so, one that will most likely need treatment from a professional. If they are surpassing these marks by a landslide, they may be overweight or have another condition causing this. During your child’s checkup, their pediatrics doctor will be sure to check this and confirm with you that they are on the right track to a healthy future.

Question #2: Is My Child Up to Date on Vaccines?

Vaccines are incredibly important for staving off harmful and deadly diseases. During your child’s youth, they will need to receive a lot of vaccines in order to be protected from these diseases. These vaccinations include Hepatitis A, B, and C, Varicella, MMR, tetanus (every ten years), HPV (when they’re eleven or twelve), among others. It’s important they stay up to date on their vaccines so they stay protected.

Question #3: How Can I Protect My Child from Infectious Diseases at School

Schools and playgrounds are both breeding grounds from germs and bacteria. Depending on multiple factors, your child’s pediatrician can give you tons of advice on how to protect your child from bacteria, infectious diseases, and more even at school, playgrounds, and other places where bacteria tend to linger. This will help your child stay healthy and feel good all year long.

Also Be Sure to Ask Anything Specific Pertaining to Your Child

It’s also a good idea to ask specific questions pertaining to your child, such as questions regarding their allergies, fears, illnesses, or anything else you may have questions about.

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