Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine Accidents can happen at any time, at any point in life. This is why the Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians takes emergency medicine seriously. Our emergency medicine doctors are available to help you should an emergency strike. What is Emergency Medicine? Emergency medicine is just as it sounds; medical care for emergent issues. This can be a broken bone, heart attack, car accident, and many other unexpected injuries and illnesses that need immediate care or appear to be life-threatening. Common medical emergencies include:

  • Stroke – A stroke happens when the brain bleeds or develops a blood clot and can affect someone’s speech and mobility. They will need immediate medical care to prevent further damage to the brain.
  • Burns and Cuts – Severe burns and cuts or wounds that won’t stop bleeding will need to be tended to by a professional to stop the bleeding and prevent infection.
  • Seizures – If someone has a seizure and it’s abnormal for them to have one, they should be taken to an emergency room right away.
  • Difficulty Breathing – This can include if someone is having an asthma attack, allergic reaction, or was found unconscious in water.
  • Head Injuries – Serious head injuries, such as those that knock you out, cause you to vomit, cause memory loss, or causes one to not be able to move properly should be examined by an emergency medicine doctor.
  • Strong Abdominal Pain – If you have abdominal pain that goes beyond the average stomach ache or menstrual cramp, it could be appendicitis and should be handled right away.

Sometimes, it can be hard distinguishing issues that count as emergent, urgent, and non-emergent issues. A good rule of thumb is to evaluate the situation to see if the injuries are life-threatening or could have serious repercussions in the future.


Resources for Emergency Medicine Doctors

If you’re a Nigerian physician who works in emergency medicine, you can join the Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians to gain access to resources, engage with a community of like-minded individuals, and continue to celebrate your culture no matter how far from home you really are. SANP connects Nigerian emergency medicine doctors with other physicians of different disciplines so you have more of an opportunity to engage with the local medical community.

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