Social Goals of the Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians

The Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians has numerous social goals to help our members socialize, bond, and connect with other Nigerian physicians in the southwest area. Our social goals align with our overall goal as an association and by joining, you can help us reach them. Here is a little bit more information about our social goals and how they can impact you should you choose to join our association.

Regular Social Gatherings Throughout the Year

We host numerous gatherings throughout the year. From galas and banquets to volunteer opportunities and visitations to organizations throughout the area, there are many ways to meet new people and get involved when you’re a member of our dedicated association of physicians from Nigeria. Our events bring people together and allow physicians to meet and connect with one another. Through our social gatherings, bonds are shared and many friendships are formed. We understand that moving to a new place to practice medicine can be isolating and difficult. A goal of the organization is to make it less so, especially for physicians moving from Nigeria to west Texas and southern New Mexico.

Connecting With Colleagues in the Association

Connecting with colleagues in our association can help you to feel less isolated in such a new place while also giving you the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. You’ll be able to connect with and relate to the physicians who are members of the association because they also practice medicine, and know about all of the ups and downs of the field, and have a profound understanding and love for Nigerian culture. Overall, it’ll be a great experience.


Mentoring Children Throughout the Community

A large part of the organization is helping people, especially children, throughout the community. We’ve hosted scholarship galas, lectures, and workshops for children and teens in El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico. We offer mentorship to children and teens looking to join the medical field or getting into medical school, what becoming a doctor looks like, and the different ways they can stay healthy. Topics vary and we are always open to helping in any way we can.

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If you’re interested in joining the Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians, we encourage you to do so! We welcome physicians from all backgrounds and look forward to having you join. Contact us today to learn more about your next steps!

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We’re dedicated to giving back to every member of our communities. Our association relies on donations in order to do our part and help our patients be successful. We appreciate any donation you can make.