Cultural Goals of the Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians

A big part of the Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians is our appreciation for, practice of, and immersion into Nigerian culture. We understand that moving far away from home can be daunting and can isolate us from our culture. Our dedicated association has cultural goals in place to promote our culture no matter where our members are practicing medicine in the southwest.

Expressing Nigerian Pride in Our New Homes

While we all share the trait of having moved to the United States to seek more opportunities, none of us want to give up on Nigerian culture altogether. We have pride in our homeland and want to express it here in our new homes. We display Nigerian pride within our association in many ways. From having traditional dance performances at our events to sharing music, artwork, and mutual appreciation with one another, our members find many ways to uphold Nigerian culture in the United States.

We also invite other Nigerian physicians to speak at our events, including the famed Dr. Omalu who studied concussions in the National Football League and who the movie “Concussion” starring Will Smith is based upon. We bring Nigerian physicians together to communicate, collaborate, and celebrate our homeland’s culture.


Spreading Citywide Nigerian Pride Throughout the Southwest United States

We all make efforts to spread Nigerian pride in the cities where we practice. From hosting educational events to shining light on the many ways our culture affects us in beautiful ways. We take pride in knowing that our cultural beliefs are impacted by both our home’s culture and the cultural habits we’ve picked up here in the States. Our events, members, and outreach all reflect our cultural beliefs and the positive ways in which they impact us.

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Moving so far away from our homes and cultures can place a strain on anyone. That is why we founded the Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians. We wanted to create a community of like-minded individuals who could meet, collaborate, and give back to their communities in beautiful ways, and we wanted to create one specifically for the many Nigerian physicians who practice in west Texas and southern New Mexico. From Albuquerque to El Paso and everywhere in between, Nigerian physicians looking to join a wholesome community and celebrate Nigerian culture are welcome to join our association. Call us today to learn more!

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We’re dedicated to giving back to every member of our communities. Our association relies on donations in order to do our part and help our patients be successful. We appreciate any donation you can make.