5 Facts About Internal Medicine Doctors You Should Know

stethoscope for internal medicineWhen you have a disease you need to be treated, internal medicine doctors are the people to call. Here are five facts you should know about these doctors and how they can help you.

Fact #1: Internal Medicine Doctors Treat Adults

The branch of internal medicine describes the treatment and prevention of diseases in adults. Internal medicine doctors specialize in diagnosing, treating, and helping to prevent diseases in adults. Because internal medicine is such a broad phrase, many people don’t know exactly what it refers to, but any doctor specializing in internal medicine can help you treat and prevent diseases.

Fact #2: Doctors Receive Many Years of Schooling

Internal medicine doctors must undergo the usual four-year bachelor degree before attending medical school for three years. After graduating from medical school, future doctors must complete a residency, where they work in the field of their choice (i.e. surgery, oncology, and so on). That being said, you can rest assured knowing your doctor knows what he or she is doing because of all the schooling they’ve gone through.

Fact #3: Internal Medicine Doctors Can Specialize

Many internal medicine doctors also specialize in specific kinds of medicine, such as endocrinology, gastroenterology, and so on. These doctors help you with specific aspects of internal medicine, treating and preventing diseases in certain areas of the body.

Fact #4: Internal Medicine Doctors are Referred to as Internists

Internists are doctors who specialize in all things related to internal medicine. They’re who you go to when you have something wrong and you need proper diagnosis and treatment. Internists are helpful because they apply their knowledge of different parts of the body to help you figure out what kind of disease you have and the many things you can do to treat it.

Fact #5: Internal Medicine Doctors are Dedicated to Helping You

No matter who you are or what your background is, you can guarantee that your doctor will help you out. Internists are dedicated to helping the community at large feel better and heal from different diseases.

Internists from the Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians

The Southwest Association of Nigerian Physicians is comprised of hardworking Nigerian physicians who can help you throughout the different medical fields, including internal medicine. If you’re in need of an internist, or any other kind of doctor, check out our website to see our complete list of members.

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